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we sell healthy beverages and delicious drink,
beverages that we sell are made from natural materials, which can help maintain your health.

There are many kinds of delicious healthy drink that we sell, namely:

= > Sekar betel is a health drink with natural ingredients turmeric, tamarind and betel leaf that has proven efficacy and benefits.
Drinks are very suitable Sekar Betel drunk by women and youth active attention to health, beauty and fitness. besides it is also well suited sekar betel taken to launch menstruation.

= > Coffee specialties Borneo KING containing tongkat extract, coffee king is a harmonious mix of coffee, sugar, creamer, and extract Stake Earth, is also king of coffee with ginger extract. resulting pleasure nutritious for health.

= > Siela drinks contain senna leaf extract, Dutch identity and rosella. drink this all to shed fat in the body, and is useful as antigensia intestine preventing the absorption of food in the body, and facilitate bowel movement.

= > Rapet extract juice drinks and Manjakani, drink a lot of benefits such as muscle toning female organs, eliminating unpleasant smells in the female organs, and may also shed fat in the body.

= > Plus gotu kola tea bags, this nutritious beverage: Helping launch bowel and gastric disorders, helps lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, relieve migraines, smoothing the skin and helps strengthen memory.

= > Rosella teabag, teabag Rosellla Contains complete nutrition including antioxidants and high levels of vitamin C, red rosella flower has clikeringkan and brewed a cup of tea taste sedikitasam bercitara is able to cope with: cough, uric acid, cholesterol, hypertension, radical free, and refreshments ( tonic) .

For more information or for reservations, please contact: 02193428298/ 081283139092
email: sehat_nikmat@ ymail.com

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